A word or two about OSX

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A word or two about OSX

Postby Myckaal on Sun, 19 Jun 2011 19:57:10 +0000

Hi, and thank you for your interest in OSX.

Let me get this out real quick ... I'm not trying to recreate anything from before the reset. That would be like saying I'm gonna recreate learning to walk. We all learned to walk a long time ago. Besides, there's no reason to recreate something that never went away.

Now, about this game were all playing. The name of this game is *I'm better than You.* We've all played this game, in one form or another, over the course of our lives. We don't just want members who are happy with being in a gang that wins. We want members who are part of the reason that they're in a gang that wins. When someone attacks OSX, they see it as attacking the house the live in, and the family that lives there with them. A mixed-up, neurotic, aggressive family, sure .... but a close one, nonetheless. Loyalty is a must for this kind of chaotic brotherhood to thrive.

We want players who understand the nature of a game based around hacking. No one that is still going to be asking why they're shut down all the time 600 kills into a 1000 kill war. Winning wars gains us stats and gamescore, and gets our names out. We want people who arent afraid of attacking an entire gang simply to prove a point. I understand that hacking isn't the only aspect of CW, but it is the primary factor behind nearly everything in the game.

No one under 2 weeks old at this point. Unless they show amazing potential, for the first week or two everyone is a noob. To be blunt, I dont ever want OSX to be known as *noob friendly.* It gives the wrong impression. This is not to say that we won't take on newly created players, but as a general rule, let them sprout first.

As far as ethics goes ... Some dirty tactics are a natural part of war and combat, but there are some things that even I consider to be outside of the rules. One prime example is *The CPU situation.* If you don't know what this situation is, ask me or one of the older veterans. They'll explain it. Sometimes, the end does not justify the means, and sometimes the means can make the end feel like less of a success. There are some people that just don't get where the line is. That's okay. We can teach them. To put it in simple terms: I consider a fair fight to be the one where I'm the guy standing at the end.

We may be called elitist or even snobbish, but this is a good thing. We need to have standards. I don't want to use the words "Not OSX material," but it applies. We aren't afraid tell people that they're non-compatible. Exclusivity makes people WANT to be a part of it. They start to wonder what they lack and improve themselves to try to fit in.

As far as what we need or could use in addition to the warrior mentality, I think we need two distinct jobs in gang. Market Ninja and EC maker. The market ninja watches the market for low cost transfers, and keeps an eye on chat for signs of these deals about to happen. The EC maker is just that, a guy who just makes ECs. But it would be a good thing to have.

Now a few points on these *standards* I've been going on about ....

- There is no team but OSX. It doesn't matter what your ID ends in, you're not a hacker or a netguard, you're in OSX. It doesn't matter who your friends are in another gang, your warrior family is here. Sooner or later, you're going to have to battle against those friends alongside that family. You're in OSX, and you have one of the most powerful and aggressive gangs in the game at your back.

- Activity is the biggest requirement for advancement. Fact: Without activity, you cannot amass the stats or the funds to gain those stats. The amount of effort required to advance past a certain point demands that you log in regularly to take care of your business.

Brother(and sister)hood
- A team is stronger than its individual members. That which advances the group benefits the individual, and that which advances the individual benefits the group.

- No one should be satisfied with a job well done. When your goal is domination, you must strive for a job executed with precision and passion. If you want to be great, you should be only satisfied with a job done outstanding.

- Lets face it, being polite and assertive have little place in a game based on shutting down an opponent. Your stats are capped by level, and the only way to gain levels is to hack people. Some of these players may be your friends, but in the end, the idea is to be higher rank than anyone else. OSX has always been a warrior gang, and an aggressive attitude towards hacking helps, especially when warring another gang.

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Re: A word or two about OSX

Postby Player Unknown on Wed, 20 Mar 2013 09:28:37 +0000

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Re: A word or two about OSX

Postby TICSexMonster on Fri, 09 Jan 2015 15:13:54 +0000

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