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Interview with cmsjr123

Postby Mod on Tue, 19 Oct 2010 02:09:35 +0000

Welcome back cyber warriors to another edition of “Talking with the Modglish”.
Today I’m gonna interview one of the new incorporations of Smuggs in the staff.
With a large name and surely a lot to tell, please welcome…

cmsjr123-Puppet Master

What does the cmsjr123 thing mean?

My name: Craig Michael Simpson JR
the 123 is uhmmmm I’m not too sure… Think cmsjr was taken up when I was making my first email about 10 years ago so I added 123 and its stuck since.

Ok cms I’ll let you do a little introduction to describe yourself and let us know who’s the guy behind the screen.

Me well you know my name. And well I’m just the not so average every day nerd who spend his life on cw when not at school.
I am 18 with no life. Probably no soul that I have found that would lead to me having a life. And I’m from California, originally on the coast. Now I live in the middle of nowhere.. Mojave Desert.

That's cool, now tell me some things about your CW story: How have you known the game, how you grew up, known people, etc.

Well I have been playing for about 6ish years now. Started when I was twelve when I was browsing newgrounds. Never met people in real life, But I was a chat regular, Man when I was 12 things were different when I played It was so much I played because I thought it was cool, and now I play just because what the hell else am I going to do. I’ve known most of the oldies also in the game. I wish they would come back. Now cheezor needs a comeback

if you had to choose between CW before and after reset, wich, and why would you choose?

CW before reset. There were more people but not only that. We could have probably fixed the issues it had. People were able to play easier. There was a balance of supply and demand for ec's, ddays, etc. The game was better rounded, plus it had the iconic placements of the people who really made a difference in the game when it first started out.
Simply the game was livelier

*with the new admin there have been lots of changes in a short time, even your membership. Wich suggestions for the good of the game would you tell him?

Look at it from the player’s point of view, but not just the top 100 or the people in monuments like I. But look at all those below us those that just started. Things need to be balanced out with updates applying to both. Also the Subscribers, the donators, and the much shammed whites of the game. The whites make up most of the game

Wich are the things that you say “This has to be changed”?

I would say the market and the economy issue in the game, but that is already well discussed, currently that is what stands right now.

How much time do you play a normal day, and what’s your objective in the game?

Hmm during the week I don’t think I shut down the browser and the page is tabbed on my Google chrome... maybe 3-4 hours cumulative in one day. More on the weekends.
And my objective is probably to become one of the richest people. While still acquiring assets. And helping those small people out with cheap things to sell and to start the Cyber Wars First National Bank

now let’s insert some drama to the interview: What do you think about the person who hacked CW?

Which one is the question? There were three I believe. Mark, Papp’s and Trin.

So what do you think about them and the act of hacking CW?

Well they shouldn't have done it. They caused roll backs. Almost all damage was redone. Although some of us did abuse some of the misshapes when we noticed that the game had to be just reset... And I think that the fucktard needs to stay away this time... And the overall hacking needs to just stop. It ruins the game and can turn potential new players away

What do you think about the continuous staff changing? Is there an excess of moderators?

Ehhh with the reporters being integrated into the forum moderators... I think there are enough of them, but should be more cm's who are on more,. Or give some cm powers to some of the others so that it can be done all the time....

What’s your playing form as gang leader?

As a gang leader. Most of the time I used it to have the red color, now that I am blue, I have shifted into using it more as a way to help young players. I often also use it as a poker hub and as my bank

if I tell you the words “donate to win”, what’s your point of view about this?

Id say go **** yourself then >.> I donate5-10$ every now and then to prove my donator rank. But I started with no money in the game and now have huge stockpiles of assets. You don’t need to donate to win you just need to play smart

How do you see the game in 2 years?

If things are changed around here. I see the game almost devoid of the old players.... But yet with advertising it would be prosperous

What CW player do you admire and why?

Hmmm not too sure anymore. They have changed their name way too often. But it was a player of the old. The utmost old ID >10k Id have to look at some old listing...
But cheese and orsm were at one point as was black steal and the original of DD Dynasty

What things has the game changed in your life?

I no longer have a life. But it made me realize a few things, but it also was a way to get away for awhile from life sometimes. It made life bearable at times. It kept me sane at times.

What do you think that CW players think about you?

I am not too sure although id like them to say after seeing this. But I think to some I am neutral. Others like mark hate me. While others like my fellow reporters are a bit more than neutral

What was the funniest moment you have seen in CW?

id have to think about that one. I think it was Cheese arguing with a noob, and it went on for weeks. It was over ECs and or newbie. You can also say almost every day when I log on and see "online players = 5"

What can you offer to CW as moderator?

I can offer a stricter regulation. I can’t get to ever post but if people help and flag the messages I can review them. I can offer a better board, and I can offer news announcements slightly more often than the last, and more news..

Talking about moderators, what do you think about the current staff?

I think it is in current order. The current staff isn’t noobs... they are experienced players. They got the position for a reason and they are all doing their jobs.

Although we do suspect arya to be a bot >.>

now lets do some fast questions and answers: Best staff?

Between skip and gate.....

Best admin ever? (you can choose from the old or the new CW)

lyn for the way he acquired new players,,,,, Cheeseor,,,,,just because he was cool,, Can’t really decide, Throw smuggs in for the updates to

Most annoying noob?

GAhhhhhhhh STRFG,,, mark (also his endless multis)\

Funniest person in the chat?

Myk, and mark. Also whoever argues with them.

Most loved?

Don’t have a most loved.. .>.> although it’s probably jen/bite me

Most hated?


Smartest player?

Me >.> haha not sure yet.

Fast things are over, you can relax now… It’s time for questions about you. You said you have no life but for being sure: Do you like parties?

Not really. I don’t smoke or drink. Although I sometimes go to play pool. or poker/blackjack

If you live in a real desert, tell me about that place. If you don’t, just tell me about the place where you live.

I live in Barstow California. The Mojave Desert. It is a very real desert. Desolate. with 22k people.. spread out. 125Degrees in the summer -15-30 bellow in the winter
the main road to Las Vegas passes through here so many people pass it but don’t know it. Sand sand and more sand,

How was your childhood?

It was sad..... although I’ve never lost a fight my mother started
My time as a child. I was a huge nerd. Computers all the time. I build Lego creations with 15k Lego pieces often

How would you define yourself in a word?

Crazy or sanely insane

Those are 4 words but doesn't matter lol. Now some fast personal questions: A place to live?

Anywhere outside of a liberal state. and away for California

A girl? (or a boy in the case you like them)

What an insult with the boy comment hmmm Jessica is the girl with fowing brunette hair :}

A book? (in the case you read books lol)[/b]

Enders Game

A movie?

The Hangover

An epitaph?

hmmmm Silence is golden but ductape is silver Death is copper.... also You can see him in the past, you can see him in the future but you can never meet his equal

A last phrase to close the interview?

From enders Game... I can win the battle but i will have to fight again. (looks at him on the ground. Proceeds to kick him) i have won the war... Battles are no more. You can win the battle... but not the war. Win the War and finish it

Thank you very much, it was a pleasure

thanks. Sorry for all the mistakes. and yes yes when it involves me it is always pleasure
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Re: Interview with cmsjr123

Postby Player Unknown on Tue, 19 Oct 2010 05:03:06 +0000

it bugs me that you spell "which", "wich" everytime lol
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Re: Interview with cmsjr123

Postby Puppet Master on Tue, 19 Oct 2010 05:54:26 +0000

English is his second language lol
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Re: Interview with cmsjr123

Postby Ozy {DD} on Tue, 19 Oct 2010 07:20:20 +0000

Well done Mod and junior !

For me you'll always stay Pinky ;)
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Re: Interview with cmsjr123

Postby Insane |GATE| Dwarf on Fri, 22 Oct 2010 23:12:23 +0000

Good interview, i like it (:
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