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Interview with Dwarf

Postby Mod on Thu, 16 Sep 2010 21:35:40 +0000

First at all, sorry for the delay. I was very busy because of college, criticisms, girls, and buttsecks. So as a form to compensate the lack of interviews, I’ll do my best to give you some interesting, and funny minutes. And of course, it’s dedicated to DV.

This time, I decided to go for an underground player.
The victim of the day is…
Insanely HUNG Dwarf

As allways, I’d like to start with your personal info like your name, age, and anything else you’d like to add.

Dwarf: Name is Connor, aged 17 years and regularly wear skirts as im from the land of scots! scotland for short

Cool, this is the first time I interview a guy using skirts! Sounds a lil scaring but I will try to continue the interview: How have you known the game?

Known the game for a few years now, i still remember the time of Mike T and A7xfan, also AR's domination. So about 4-5 years on and off i believe

*takes a picture of the skirt* I mean... How have you find the site?

Funnily enough, through the now seemingly nonexistant advertising banners. It was from a site called t********s.

Besides the updates, what differences do you see between CW before reset, and CW now?

Besides the dead chat, which i took a great enjoyment out of kicking while dead today, the closer knit feel between the players, as now everyone seems to have alot of good will together
not liking that part, its cyber wars

Since you are in one of the most active gangs, I'll take advantage of it: What are HUNG plans in CW?

If i told you that, i would have to get Gate to kill you, seeing as i cant. ;)
But i will share this snippet.
We are doing the unexpected
We are going to take over CW's!
Noone ever thought of doing that :)

Even the HAHA thingish didn't?

HAHA didnt work because all the players were more or less working for themselves. Here in HUNG, due to self confidence increase of having massive wangs, we are all working for each other, and if you pay close attension to ranking page. You will notice that the placements of HUNG players are increasing steadily

How does GK make his work as HUNG’s boss?

GK is excellant as HUNG's leader, its through him that the vast co-ordination of the gang's effort is succesful and through his selflesness of making sure everyone is equal and has equal say. Also he is always willing to give people a chance to work towards the goal of the gang, he doesn't force players into killing in the weekly war. All thats expected is some help and in return you'l be helped

As we all know, CW was hacked some times by the same person, what do you think about it?

I think its a nuiscence and rather pointless. But still pointless all the same, maybe the person has small man syndrome as its the only way he can assert superiority over us tiny people. Although i must admit i can see the irony of hacking a game thats about the idea of hacking.

If you had the possibility of changing something in the game, what would you do to improve it?

The installation of the update commitee. As its an idea i full support along with a couple of other players. But the big man Andi hasn't commented so it still needs to be fleshed out fully.

What are your favourite CW features?

the weekly killing war between netguards hackers. Most weeks you will see me in places 1-5 with usually between 1 or 4 other members of HUNG. Unfortunatly most weeks the nets seem to forget how to hack.

What do you think about the big man Andi?

Seems to have the best of our previous two admins in him. Zcon's willingness to code, and Orsm's faith in the people. Unfortunatly he, to the best of my knowledge, have the advantage Orsm had which was playing experience. But i maybe wrong

Surely this will sound you a lil weird but, has the game changed your life in any form?

Aye, i do agree a lil weird but what the heck. I suppose it has a little. Due to the majority of CW having been older than me and i also having played for a number of years, i suppose its taught me how to respect people online and yes in the real world too

You have named some people wich deserves your respect but, is there anybody you DON'T respect for any reason?

hmm not anymore, but a couple of the new players who have come on and started a flaming match with me. and lost. But one player who wont be named, a hacker, who i always keep dead due to when ever he is in chat. For some reason he just really gets on my tick.

Bout time CW had lots of comings and goings like updates, resets, staff, admins, players, etc. What do you preffer, Lyn's CW or Andi's one?

Hmm tough choice. Lyn's CW worked, okay it worked in the sense it could be easily rigged and everything & anything could be bought. But Andi's isnt, but then it isnt a fair contest as we haven't seen the extent of Andi's changes on the game. But in my opinion the future looks bright. So my vote is for Andi

What was the most funny moment you have seen in CW?

Past & present ? Far too many i must admit, though i do believe the verrrry large arguement between annia & myck that lasted several days if not weeks and many gangwars between the two

Lets change the weather of the interview to the personal side, so lets talk about you: Beside playing CW and using skirts, what do you do in your free time?

Still at school, but currently on course to continue onto university to do biomedical science. So between wearing skirts, also known as a kilt, i play Aussie rules football and regular football. That was until an unfortunate football injury has me sidelined for the next few months. Tore my cruciate ligaments and broke part of my kneecap. But currently recovering well :)

Tell me about the place where you live.

its a rather historic small village in scotland. To prove this, my house is currently 400 years old with a thatched roof, and the view from my bedroom window is of a small palace. That was often the retreat of the of the various monarchs of scotland, and then england upon the union of the crowns

Interesting. What are your traditions there?

Well we like to eat haggis, drinking copious amounts of irn bru and are always drunk. Not to mention always ginger. For proof of this, let me direct you to a video that explains the stereotypes of the scots:

lol, that shout is pretty annoying.

indeed, it took alot for even me to get through that.

When weekend comes, do you like to party?

Aye, im a complete sociallite. Quite often i am the life and soul of the party. That is, when im not looking after the people who cant seem to hold their own alcohol

Drunk people use to do stupid things, are you that kind of person?

Take away the drunk part and yes. I do stupid things when sober, but stupidity does increase when drunk. One time i thought it would be funny to set my hand on fire 5x. when the alcohol burnt off, i was wondering why the hell did my hand hurt and stink of burt flesh

Experience makes the person. How would you define yourself in a word?

Hmm, tricky one. In one word mod.....Tenacious

If you had the opportunity of knowing anybody from CW, who would it be?

Hmm tricky one. Ozy so i could pulverise an aussie at Aussie rules football

I'd like to know about your childhood, what interest things could you tell me about it?

not much to say about it other than the regular sob story of bullied for abit, touted as gifted and talented with test scores in the top 5% of the country. But i guess the most interesting thing is i have never taken anything lying down. Something seems to hard ? Always keep trying to succeed, on to the point of obsession to beat it

*MOD'S PERVERTED QUESTION* There are not much girls in CW, but if you had to date one of them, who would it be? *MOD'S PERVERTED QUESTION*

*makes sure girlfriend cant see* Please tell me skippeh is a girl....all those nights fantasising over it.....i would be mentally scarred 0.o

Errrm sure, he's a beautiful girl. Oh wait, you have a girlfriend? Don't tell me she wears pants!

aye, she wears the trousers in our relationship

Ok parallel world guy, now I'm gonna do some short questions wich you have to answer as fast as you can, you ready?

aye aye cap'n mod

Smartest CW player?


Dumbest CW player?

Strfg or markeh

Best staff member ever?


Most annoying player?


Funniest one?

unfortunatly markeh -_-

Are you in love with Markeh?

he's ginger & scottish ? how can i not resist

Most loved CW player?

Arya <3

Best interviewer evah?

That guy, you know the one with the cool hair and is amazingly funny
i think is name is dom ?

lol yes, I know Domesto, he's a nice guy
As a CW tradition, I'll let you close the interview with a phrase, I hear you.

hmm. My faverite quote from Ayn Rands ' Atlas shrugged : A man without purpose is the most depraved being
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Re: Interview with Dwarf

Postby Ozy {DD} on Thu, 16 Sep 2010 22:25:27 +0000

Nice to meet you red ;)

And bring it on, we'll do an handicap Aussie rule game .. and pulverise our knees again :twisted:
Ozy {DD}
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Re: Interview with Dwarf

Postby Diseased Violence on Thu, 16 Sep 2010 22:46:11 +0000

Dedicated to me and my name didn't show up anywhere in the interview, I'm dissapointed..

This was better than the first.. I like the short questions fast answers part, more of that?
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Re: Interview with Dwarf

Postby Insane |GATE| Dwarf on Fri, 17 Sep 2010 11:42:48 +0000

Sounds like a plan Ozy ;)
Insane |GATE| Dwarf
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