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Interview with Myckaal

Postby Mod on Sat, 21 Aug 2010 22:39:19 +0000

Hello neocwarriors, it's Mod taking the journalist role again, for all those who requested interviews over time.
It's a pride to be chosen again for this task, and I'm sure it will be a very interesting experience to know closer the neocw generation.
Well, first seen is obviously what decides my future so I decided to interview a very interesting person that surely would catch your attention.
The first interview of the cycle will be with the amazing...


Myckaal: Oh, well... I started off as a small, black child...

Mod: Have I improved my grammar?

Myckaal: Sorry ... that's "the Jerk" by Steve Martin .... And yes, I have to say exposure to CW has done wonders.Although it may turn out like when they thought Mercury was good for you ...

Mod: Ok Myck, you know how it works. I want intellectual and developed answers that make you look very smart, and make me look a cunning journalist.

Myckaal: Hmmm, tough order there. What's your first query then?

Mod: First at all, give me some personal info to begin (Real name, age, CW pass or anything else you'd wanna add).

Myckaal: Michael John Bennett. August 14th, 1970 ... SSN:281-84 ... wait .... That may be a little more than you guys need. Not like you could actually hurt my credit.
I live in Ohio, wich is meh overall. We don't get a lot of extremes, but we get everything in between. Works the same with the people So ... I'm effectively surrounded by mediocre minds all day long, that's why I like CW. Not because there are intelligent minds ... But because of the chat-drama <_<
Did I mention that I talk a lot .... I'm a fan of mythology and philosophy and I love to debate. I have been known to argue for both sides of an arguement. I think of it as my ability to see all three sides to an argument.
Bah .... I never sleep any more ... Affects me spelling.
Anyway, where were we...?
Oh yeah .... three sides to an argument. There's your's, mine, and the truth. And the truth is usually a bit different than the first two perspectives. It's actually a lot of fun to argue for both sides of a debate But I digress... I tend to play only one game online: CW. It's my only hobby. It appeals to the long-term strategist in me.

Mod: Boring questions over! Let's go for the jackpot: Since you and The Casino's gang owner have a relationship, does this situation generate any disagreement betwin you and her? How do you carry with this?

Myckaal: I'm a lot like talking to a Tinker Gnome LMAO actually... yes.
Candy and I do things very different. Different play styles and drives.
We frequently disagree on CW stuff, Which is why I'm banned from the Casino for life basically.
*Murders a bunch of players*
You deposited 36,151 cyber-dollars.
Sorry ... It's what I do ....

Mod: I've been told by an anonymous source (stands for Candy) that you use to watch cats fornicating on youtube 8 hours a day but, leaving that hobby aside, wich are Myckaal passions?

Myckaal: She told you about .... Ummmmm .... Nevermind ... moving past .. Passions ... Aside from CW .... I'm a mysogynistic control freak with a massive ego. I mean one that would give Napolean a Myckaal complex. Which ends up with my other passion being ... control. And that's a road that if we walk too far down, the censors are gonna skin you for .... I'm passionate about my kids. I HAS CHILDRENS!!!

Mod:DAMNIT!!! You have stolen one of my questions >.> (?

Myckaal: Hahahaha I have 3. Two of which have played CW before reset.

Mod: Not really, I wasn't gonna do that modglish question but thanks for answering :)

Mod: Talking about personality, how would you define yourself in one word, and how do you think that people define you in one word?

Myckaal: Let's see... I collect Ethnic jokes. I think Mel Brooks is fucking hilarious. And yet I don't consider myself a racist. Unless you take the word to it's logical, final conclusion. Which is that I, in general, dislike and distrust the Human race.

Mod: So, what would be the word for both sides?

Myckaal: Insane... Corrupt... Broken... Actually... the word is "broken".
My view on the world is cracked in places.

Mod: Let's think when people used to call you 'The lil Mycky' (I mean in your childhood): What were your habits in the farm you were born?

Myckaal: Aside from fighting the other kids for food scraps? My brother and I both got acting and professional modeling classes.

Mod: Picture of that please!

Myckaal: I spent most of my time reading and working on my chemistry set.
My dad worked for a chemical delivery company so I had a LOT of dangerous chemicals ...
My brother's are on his FB page ... The modeling pics, I mean. I destroyed all evidence of mine.

Mod: Ok, now seriously: How was your childhood, wich were your passions, dreams, favourite porn movies, etc?

Myckaal: My dad is a Leo, a US Marine, and as big a control freak as I am. My mom was .... best described as a "Biker Hippie." Peace, until the time for peace was done. And then break things until the time for peace is back. As a kid I played a lot of D&D. And read alot. I said That, right? I read a LOT as a kid? A lot. I listened to a mix of Slayer and Frank Zappa And I thought that "Wizards" was one of the best animated movies ever. Still think it's a top 10. My childhood got altered early on, though.
When I was 12 years old, I was on my way to catch the school bus. While running across the street, I was struck by a speeding motorist. He was doing about 45 MPH in a 25 MPH area. The paramedics revived me after about 7 minutes. The experience changed my perspective on the entire universe and how it funtioned.The short version is: I talked to God. And he said you're all fucking it up.

Mod: Wow, that comes perfect for my next question: An epitaph?

Myckaal: "Myckaal". Nothing else. Names have power, if you know how to use them. And that one is unique to me. Seriously ... I've checked. I'm the ONLY one. If you see more than one of me, it's because I forgot my password and had to make a new account. I'm not even sure I'd want the dates on it. Just a headstone with those 7 letters.

Mod: Lets change the interview weather by doing the MOD'S PERVERTED Q: What would you do if you had 8 hands?

Myckaal: Have 2 more girlfriends than I do right now? Start trying to predict Futball games? Immediately star in my own series of internet porn... Free, of course. I don't see any reason to pay to play.

Mod: LOL you made me laugh! What do you do a saturday in the night?

Myckaal: I work from Wednesday to Saturday. 7:00 pm EST to 4:00 am EST. So ... usually working. I tend to think of SUn, Mon, and Tues to be my weekend, though. So ... relative to the question's intent, I'd say hanging out on CW and hanging with my kids. It's a tough split.

Mod: Do you often get drunk?

Myckaal:No. I don't drink.

Mod: Haven't you ever get drunk?

Myckaal: And as odd as it may sound, I'm opposed to recreational drug use. I used to... A lot. I used to put down around 2 cases of beer a night. Now ... admittedly, it was usually American Beer. Which I feel is inferior in every way to beer from any other place. But I'm a Killian's fan when I do sit down and have a beer with Candy or Harley.

Mod: What was the worst thing you've done being drunk?

Myckaal: Damnit.
There's the reason in a nutshell why I don't drink more than one or twice a year

Mod: Damnit means she-males?

Myckaal: Nope. Assualt.
I have a short temper. Alcohol does it no good at all. And I didn't have too much concern for the cops when they showed up. Just made things more entertaining. The shemales were more a cocaine thing anyway.

Mod: If you were lost in a deserted island with Marky, what object would you like to have inside your pocket?

Myckaal: A steak knife... Or a stungun. I'd only need it the one time. SO ... yeah ... steak knife.

Mod: A knife would work better if you wanna eat him.

Myckaal: No ... Marky's made of pudding and fluff. I'd be better off wioth a spoon or a straw.

Mod: How have you known the game?

Myckaal: Aphy and I had already split ... Around 2005? ID number 101039 ... Started around the same time as Biohazard and Snaggles, I think.
Lady Pandora, She bugged me for weeks to make an account so she could get referal points for it.

Mod: What's your objective at Neocw?

Myckaal: Same as it was before the move. Same as it was before the reset: To be one of the top ranked players in the game. Also ... everyone readin this just lost the game.

Mod: Even me.

Myckaal: I want to be a top 10 ranked player with a respected and trusted gang at my back and with me at their's. I want OSX to be feared, not just because of me, but because of it's members. I'm not as interested in respect from my fellow competitors. But fear is a different matter. I want my competition to see me in their rear-view mirror and be afraid. I want the tag my crew sports to mean more that just a series of letters. Like DD's is. Let me take a moment to point out that DD's gang page has several errors on it.

Mod: Is there anyone you admire on CW?

Myckaal: Yeah. Several people. I respect Gate's opinion on most things. Same with Twidget. I like You. And (screw anyone who doesn't like it) I value Junny's opinion on a lot of things. The kid's smart. Just youthfully untamed. He has a lack-of-control issue. And I actually like Oz. He's got a good sense of humor for a guy who's gang can't win a war to save their reputation's ass ... He won't friend me on FB, though.

Mod: Who was your mentor when you were a little newbie?

Myckaal: I learned more from one person than everyone else combined, so that's easy. Biohazard.

Mod: Now inversely, who was the bully that used to attack you every stupid hour putting you the willies?

Myckaal: Heh, everyone. Have you seen the things I say. I make a lot of special friends. But I think I saw DOS names more than any other. I wasn't DOS material. But ... turns out OSX doesn't have any use for DOS based programs.

Mod: Assuming that Andi goes crazy and want you to lead the staff, would you accept to perform the task?

Myckaal: O_O ... No. Simple answer there. I do NOT want a staff position. I would be worried about myself becoming like the others. I like Andi, though so ... I don't know. Besides ... staff doesn't have enough power to actually do their jobs.

Mod: If you had the possibility of changing anything in the game, what would it be?

Myckaal: Hmmmm... There's a lot of details I'd alter .... but at the very top of that list is the intent. Personally, I'd just copy the whole setup from OTCW.

Mod: What was the funniest moment you've seen in CW?

Myckaal: Wow ... there are a lot of them ... I find humor all the time on here. Probably my favorite is staff jailing themselves. Marky specifically.

Mod: We all remember those noobie actions.

Myckaal: Best part was that it was Marky.

Mod: Has the game changed your routine in any form?

Myckaal: A little. My strategy has changed a lot since the start, but the overall goal has been the same. Top 10.

Mod: Someone told me at CW chat to ask you about your artificial anus, gun shots, multiple girlfriends and Afrikan kids playing neocw for you, what do you have to say about it?

Myckaal: There are no Afrikan kids here. Aside from that... I had my anus surgically removed to prevent IB. Now all my shit comes out of my mouth. I was shot 5 time by a couple "buddies" of mine and then left bleeding beside the road. Taught me a avaluable lesson about who and how far to trust someone. And I am in a comitted relationship with two women. Candy is my partner, Harley is my Property. But there are no afrikan kids here.

Mod: A second one did the next question: You have childrens? Also you have to guess who did the questions.

Myckaal: 3. Ages 17, 16, and 2.

Mod: Now lets annoy some CW users with some fast questions:
By your point of view: Who's the most annoying user?

Myckaal: Junny. He's also my favourite.

Mod: The most loved?

Myckaal: Hmmmm hard call there. Probably anyone in OSX. I actually know a lot of people on here in RL

Mod: The most freak?

Myckaal: Heh, Trin. But only because I know what he's capable offline. That boy is a tad off in the head.

Mod: The n00ber one?

Myckaal: <_<

Mod: Come on,lets annoy somebody!

Myckaal: Annoy? But that would be so unlike us. Overall, I like most of the people on here. Except Anni... Anni can go screw herself with a polar bear holding a frozen duck. This is what comes of letting your children grow up in Canadia.

Mod: The funniest?

Myckaal: Funniest player? Ooooohh that varies.. To be honest, there are times that even Jensen is funnier than anyone else in the room. He's not actually TRYING to be, but it just happens.

Mod: I'd like to let you close the interview by saying a phrase or a message to the n00b community to let people think you are some kind of Stephen Hawking.

Myckaal: Faith and belief in yourself and you need no greater power than yourself. You are the only one who can truly lead you where you need to be.

Mod: Well Myck, thanks for your time. You did an awesome job! Now I really g2g, it's college time.

Myckaal: Later, Modesto. Have fun at school.
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Re: Interview with Myckaal

Postby PaPPy on Mon, 30 Aug 2010 20:37:40 +0000

Nice interview, good to see you doing them again.

In the future how about some more questions about CW?
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Re: Interview with Myckaal

Postby Mod on Tue, 07 Sep 2010 19:56:53 +0000

I will, thx for your suggestion.
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